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Peppertree Canyon is a private urban farm and winery located in Cowan Heights, right in the heart of Orange County, California.  Drive through the gate and stop the clock.  Life on the estate moves at its own pace, as though you’ve been transported to Tuscany.  The Mediterranean-like temperature and terroir make it ideal for growing olives, grapes, herbs, vegetables and various fruit trees. 


Everything seems to enjoy growing here.  Even the weeds appear happy!

Winemaking at Peppertree Canyon focuses on creating the highest quality wine while preserving the essence of place.  Our viticulture and winemaking practices blend classical techniques with modern technology implemented in a meticulous fashion.

Harvest typically begins in the first week of September and continues until the last of the grapes are harvested.  Each part of the vineyard is hand picked individually at the peak of flavor and maturity. The goal is to bring only perfect fruit to the winery.

Our Tuscan style olive oils are fresh and flavorful, produced from Italian olive cultivars grown on our farm.  We hand harvest, then cold press within hours, to produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

In alliance with the farm-to-table philosophy, Peppertree Canyon Farm produces and supplies discerning chefs with locally grown, high quality olive oil, wine, herbs and other fruit derived products utilizing sustainable techniques that respect the land, our workers and our customers.

Everything we do is grown and produced onsite - right here in Orange County.  Our products are authentically pure and conscionable: handpicked, hand-made and always free of artificial additives.  The flavors and aromas you experience originate from the earth and are poured into each bottle with an acute mindfulness for human and environmental well-being.  

We are blessed with the privilege to be stewards of the beautiful, unique, spiritual place that is Peppertree Canyon.   We invite you to experience this special way of life.


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